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Everything in the Universe is Chi - vital energy/life force - Chi underlies the existence of everything, influence, breath, air and so on. Chi is difficult to describe yet, it is everything - even the difficulty you have trying to describe it - it is even the description

“When Chi gathers
Form is born
When Chi scatters, Form dies”

Chi comes from the great void and coagulates; this gives us life, objects, every visible and invisible thing in the universe. Chi is our feelings, our words, our love, our hate, Chi is everything, when gathered we call it substance, when it scatters we call it non-substance. Chi comes from the great void and returns to the great void.

The great void is empty, or it could not be the great void, yet the great void is full of Chi. Emptiness is nothing but fullness, fullness is nothing but emptiness.

Tai Chi and Chi Kung are exercises developed thousands of years ago by Taoist sages, originally from copying the movements of animals. Old sages observed that animals rarely suffered illnesses that befell human kind and so began to copy their movements for human beings. Over the centuries these movements were changed, modified and developed to battle suit human beings.

Lu Bei Wei, a prime minister in the Qin dynasty (221-207 B.C.) stated in his book Lu Shi Chun Qiu (Master Lu’s Spring and Autumn Annals), when Yin (the dark passive side) is inert and Yang (the bright active side) is obstructed, Chi is unable to flow through the human body and the bones and muscles becomes contracted, thus they need strengthening and relaxing through dance. Dance was the term used for Chi Kung from the 16th. Century BC. “It’s quite like dancing.”

The practice of Chi Kung and Tai Chi allows the Chi to flow and helps to cultivate a feeling of well-being. In China, research has attested to this. There are hospitals in China, where only Chi Kung is used to treat illness (sometimes severe, life-threatening diseases), with equal success as the other traditional hospitals.

Tai Chi or Chi Kung requires only 30 mins. a day to bring about a smooth flow of Chi and a more resistant body.

In recent times in China many older Chinese have returned to their traditions and some of the present day Masters of Chi Kung are very old people (in their mid 90’s) who took up Chi Kung after retiring from factories or other work, so it’s never too late, but yet, there is only one time.